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Norma is a personal trainer & wellness coach that loves helping women unlock happiness, energy, and confidence by moving and taking care of their bodies, all while managing day to day life. 

As a wife to a busy husband and mom of a 13 and 9 year old, she is aware of the challenges women go through on a daily basis. She is passionate and motivated to navigate these hurdles and help women stay active in their 20s, through their 40s and into their retirement years. She always likes to say that the movement we put in now will pay dividends down the road as we age.


Norma understands life is different for everyone so our fitness and wellness paths will be as well. Maybe your little ones still need your constant attention and you only have a short amount of time per day. Or maybe you’re running 5ks every week now that your kids are a bit older and more independent. No matter your point in life, she ensures the plan she implements is relevant and sustainable.


Lastly, Norma is a big believer that we are running a marathon and not a sprint. While she can definitely help you get ready to look good for bikini season (she loves the beach), she prefers to think long term when it comes to fitness. Small gains and wins not only add up over time, but they also become part of your daily routine and who you are. Her goal with clients is always long-term sustainable health and wellness.


  • Weight Loss

  • Muscle Tone

  • Improve General Health

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