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I was born a fighter. Born with a two and a half pound cancerous tumor that was attached to my tailbone. The doctors were almost certain that they were going to lose both me and my mom. I fought. I won.


Since that victory, I have had to struggle with extreme health challenges that may have caused some to quit. Paralyzed for three weeks at the age of ten, major hip surgery at the age of eleven, a condition (from ages 7-15) called Vasovagal Syncope which caused me to pass out at any given moment, and in 2018 extended stays at various hospitals almost certain those would be my last few moments here on Earth. I fought. I won.


During these times of constantly never feeling normal, I taught myself something that has shaped me into who I am today. I learned how to push through ANYTHING that came my way - no matter how horrible it was. Although I made light of the situations while going through them, they were in reality a living nightmare. The every day struggle I had to go through - from getting out of bed, to showering, to being able to get through the day without feeling that I would drop at any moment - was something I quickly adapted to since that is all I really knew.


From 2013-2018, I played high-level ice hockey, leading to training for the 2022 Olympics. Unfortunately, my health cut that path short in 2018.  I felt it was time to move forward from that chapter of my life. Looking back, I am so thankful that I played because even though I felt sick on the ice the majority of the time, I really enjoyed the journey and it took my mind off of my outside challenges.


Yes, birth to 2018 was not an easy go. Constantly having to battle to make it though the day got to be a tiring and overwhelming. I fought. I kept fighting.  I won.


2019 arrived with the realization that I never lived normally. I was confused at how to react because I had never felt so healthy in my entire life. Shock led to gratitude, followed by a true understanding and appreciation for the true benefits of health and fitness. I thought I always had an idea, but never like this.


I have always been intrigued with sports and fitness, and now that I am 110% healthy, I have chosen to take the health and fitness route by becoming a personal trainer. My main interest in being a personal trainer is that I can share my story along with helping others in not only working out but just as important, overall life. These years have made me mature a lot quicker which helps me relate to plenty of people, both in fitness and living.


Helping others is so important to me. I have always had an amazing support system throughout my battles, yet there were many times that I felt so alone. I want to make sure that everyone in my life, both personal and professional, knows that they are never alone, especially with me around. I am there to listen and grow with the person individually to make sure they are living their life to their fullest in a healthy and happy way, and guiding my clients to fight… to win.


  • Sports Performance

  • Mobility Training

  • Explosiveness / Speed Training

  • General Fitness

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